Writer's Guidelines

The primary goal of BlueSuitMom.com is to help executive working mothers find work and family balance. We are looking for information from experts in a variety of fields relating to working mothers.

Recent BlueSuitMom features

  • Negotiating salary or signing bonuses
  • Dealing with working mother guilt
  • How to find work and family balance
  • How to keep in contact with your children while traveling

We have over 1,000 articles on BlueSuitMom covering a variety of topics. Please search the site to make sure your topic hasn't been covered before you contact us.

Getting published in BlueSuitMom.com: We accept unsolicited manuscripts, but prefer that you first send a query. Send queries by e-mail to ashiman@bsmmedia.com . Include a brief description of your story idea, the approach you plan to take and why it would be valuable information to a BlueSuitMom.com reader. We also would like to see 3-5 clips that have been published on other Web sites or in print.

Please note that due to the number of submissions we get, we cannot respond personally to each email.

Article Length: We are interested in articles up to 1,500 words in length. The majority of articles that will be used will be in the 700 to 1,000 word range.

Tagline: Writers should include a one- to two- sentence biography of themselves that will appear at the end of your article.

Submissions: Manuscripts can be sent to ashiman@bsmmedia.com . Either put the story text in the email or attach stories in MS Word format. Make sure your name and contact information as well as your tagline are part of the story. All articles should follow the AP Stylebook.

Payment: If you own your own business or Web site, we are willing to exchange promotion and marketing for your stories. Currently BlueSuitMom.com is not offering paid assignments to writers we have not previously worked with.