Making Time For Yourself at Work, Home
Executive woman at window
Who among us couldn't use more free time? More time to spend on that most important person in your life, you. The answer? In a word: Delegate. Delegate on the job; delegate off the job. "Oh," but you say, "I can't do that because ___________." We'll show you how to overcome those common excuses and regain your time.

  Work/Family Balance Solutions
Forget the Marines: if you're a working mother, you're the one who does more before the sun comes up than most people do all day. Getting the kids up, dressed and fed, finding lost items, packing lunches and getting everyone to school on time can feel like a full-time job in itself. And that's before you fight the traffic to get to work. We recently asked working mothers around the country to share their biggest work/family dilemma. Here are their top four challenges and solutions.

Flexible Work Talk About It
We all make choices on a daily and sometimes hourly basis about our priorities. Find out how job sharing may be the answer to finding time for work, family and yourself. Balancing work and family is never easy. Sometimes the simplest suggestion or advice can help make your juggling act easier. Share your suggestions or struggles.

  Too Busy For Bake Sales?
Mother and daughter
Every week notices come home from school in your children's backpacks announcing school activities and events - and every one needs volunteers to make it happen. The library needs volunteers to check out books, the second grade field trip won't happen unless 12 parents can come along. The school needs a new playground, and someone has to raise the funds to pay for it. You can't say yes to any of these requests because you're not home during the day. Heck, sometimes you're not even in the state during the day. Find out how you can find time to be involved.

  Who Are You?
Ever had the existential feeling of "who am I?" while reaching into your purse for a pen in the middle of an important meeting and coming up with a baby nipple, a Pokeman card and some used chewed gum? This experience may not always trigger such profound questions for you, but it can pose important questions about establishing our sense of self.

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