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"In all my years work experience, I have never encountered a supervisor that wanted to become friendly. My husband was a bit apprehensive saying that it will later cause problems. Against his better judgment, I began to go on weekend shopping trips. Let the kids spend nights at each others houses and have lunch together everyday. Well I began to feel suffocated. At work, my supervisor stayed in my cubicle talking and laughing which resulted in me not being able to complete my work. The other employees felt as I received special treatment, and the supervisor's co-workers (other supervisors) looked at her in disgust. What should I do?" Business Advisor Randy Prange's Answer

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    Mr. Prange offers one-on-one coaching through specially designed Sounding Board services. These monthly sessions present an opportunity to build a relationship where your career building effort and job development is the center focus. Three, 30-minute, one-on-one dialog sessions, via e-mail or telephone, are included each month. Fee for this personalized communication: $150 per month. Dialogs will be scheduled on mutually agreed upon dates. Email Randy for a free consultation or more information.