How Can A Coach Help A Working Mom Like Me?

By Sandi Epstein, Work and Life Coach

Want the life you dream of? Think you don't have time now, have to put it off? Coaching could be perfect for you. A professional coach, personal coach or life coach is a person trained to assist you in articulating what you want in your personal and professional life and then to support you to achieve it.

Most coaches speak with their clients by phone for thirty minutes to an hour per week to make the client's life closer to what they hope it to be and more often, even better. Coaches can help you to:

Work Issues

  • Change difficult management team interactions
  • Tailor a better job to suit your needs
  • Resolve value conflicts in the workplace
  • Better articulate what you expect
  • Learn to be a leader
  • Find a new job for more money
  • Do what you love

Family Issues

  • Communicate better with family members
  • Find more time for your marriage
  • Build a family support system
  • Set better priorities
  • Incorporate values into your life

Here is the secret of coaching: It works because most of us take little time to reflect on our lives. When was the last time you thought about your priorities and how best to translate them to real action? Or review your values and see them reflected both at work and at home? Or asked yourself why you are exhausted and figured out what was going to change tomorrow to make it better? Coaching is about getting what you want and need today. A coach brings out your best thinking, supports you, helps you articulate and really see what you want.

Coaching is not therapy - it doesn't dwell on the past and the why (a coach will refer clients they feel need therapy). Coaching is not what you get from your friends and family because they are often invested in the outcome whereas coaches only want you to find the best solution for you.

There are over 10,000 coaches around the world today. Some work inside corporations as employees most work outside a corporation as independent practitioners. Coaches come from all walks of life: accounting, business, social work, entertainment. Coach University is one of the leading coach training institutions which produces some of the finest trained coaches. The International Coaching Federation is the industry organization.

As a coach I find tremendous satisfaction in seeing my clients enrich their lives and discover they can have the kind of life they didn't think was possible before.

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