Party Activities for Home Birthday Parties

Paint a birthday mural
Hang a long sheet of banner paper (brown packaging paper will also do) on a backyard fence, put old t-shirts on each child and allow them to paint a giant birthday mural. The colorful project will not only provide hours of fun but becomes a giant party decoration.

Treasure hunts
Bury coins in a sand box and have children dig for treasure using only plastic spoons. Plastic Easter eggs filled with candy and spray painted gold make fun pirate treasure to hunt for in a yard.

Arts and crafts
Decorate brown paper lunch bags into puppets and then create a show for the birthday boy.

Decorate cookies
Either bake or purchase store bought sugar cookies prior to the party. Lay out an assortment of store bought icings and sprinkles for children to decorate cookies with. Have a supply of zip loc bags on hand so that guest may take home their creations.

Bean bag games
Let guests make their own beanbags from socks and rice. Set up laundry baskets, coffee cans and cut off milk jugs for a fun game of target toss.

Relay races
Nothing will burn off the energy of your guest quicker than a few relay races. These games are great for involving the entire group at once.

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