Sick child resources

Your child is sick and can't go to school or daycare and you have the meeting of your career? Well, if your company doesn't provide child care in a pinch, check out these resources:

Local Hospitals
Check with your local hospital about the availablitiy of sick child care centers. Many hospitals are connected with sick care centers like the Akron Children’s Hospital or Virginia Mason Medical Center or Texas Health

Referral Agency
Child Care Aware
Provides lists of local resource and referral agencies as well as information about quality child care. Child Care Aware also offers a referral hotline. Ask about sick and backup plan centers at 1-800-424-2246.

Local Providers
There are a number of individual and local chains that provide both in home and center-based care for sick children. They typically will see infants through 12 years old. Most will not take highly contagious children at centers who have diseases like chicken pox, however they would treat those children in your own home.

Rainbow Station
Rainbow Station is a comprehensive child care facility that provides care for mildly and chronically ill children. They have several locations in Virginia.

Under the Weather Sick Childcare
Under the Weather is a sick childcare company that provides In-Home and Childcare Center services available in Minnesota.

Wheezles and Sneezles Get Well Center

California Bay Area company that operates a center and in-home service sine 1971 to care for sick children.

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