Babysitter and Nanny Orientation Checklist

  • Walk through the entire house explaining how to exit locked doors or which areas of the house are off limits to children.

  • Share the hiding place of a extra key in the event they get locked out of the house with your child.

  • Explain how the major appliances work.

  • Make sure they know how to dial a beeper number.

  • Show the location of circuit break, fire extinguishers, and first aid box.

  • Demonstrate the fire escape route.

  • Discuss rules which you expect to be followed

  • Discuss any alarm systems and how they work. Don't forget to give code words in the event of an accidental alarm.

  • Give a tour of the kitchen pointing out favorite foods, pet foods and any avoidables which might trigger allergies.

  • Explain what medications should be given and where they are kept.

  • Remind sitter about drowning precautions such as bath tubs, toilets and sinks.

  • Introduce sitter to neighbors or friends you can depend on to keep an eye on things while you are away.

  • Make sure sitter knows address and phone number of your house in the event of a call to 911.

  • Discuss clearly her responsibilities

  • If there are any household chores which she will perform, demonstrate how you feel they should be done.

  • Discuss what privileges you wish to extend to her such as foods she can eat, cars she can drive, phone calls she can make or not make.

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