Memory Organizer Expert
Tabitha Geary is founder and owner of OK, Picture This…, a memory organizing company located in Richmond, VA. OK, Picture This… takes your memorabilia from drawers and boxes and turns them into custom products for everyone to enjoy. Tabitha assists customers across the United States in organizing and archiving their memories.

Backing Up

Question: How often should I back up my scanned memories?

Answer: Great question! One common mistake people make when they first start out is that they forget to create backup CDs.

I'd recommend frequent backups; perhaps monthly or even weekly depending on the quantity of photographic memories saved. Personally I back up each time I add photos. I'd hate to lose even one photo to a hard drive crash.

CDs are cheap, memories are priceless.

Also, I back up to an external hard drive. It has the advantage of endless reuse capability as well as portability. Prices range from $50.00 for 2 GB to $90.00 for 60GB capacity. Customers with many photos to preserve would be better off with an external hard drive. CDs could become cumbersome.

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