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Tabitha Geary is founder and owner of OK, Picture This…, a memory organizing company located in Richmond, VA. OK, Picture This… takes your memorabilia from drawers and boxes and turns them into custom products for everyone to enjoy. Tabitha assists customers across the United States in organizing and archiving their memories.

Format & Filing

Question: What format should I use when I scan my photos, cards and artwork?

Answer: Scan all memories into .jpg format. It will help you to use a folder system on your computer. For example:

  1. Family Name folder (i.e. Geary Memories)
    1. Year folder (i.e. 1996)
      1. Event folder (i.e. Michael's birthday)
        1. Photos
          1. b/w
          2. color
        2. Cards
        3. Ribbons
        4. Diary entry
      2. Event folder 2 (i.e. Christmas)
        1. Photographs
        2. Pieces of wrapping paper
        3. Christmas cards

    Using a simple folder system will make it easy for you to go find the photos again and to use in your photo projects.

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