Memory Organizer Expert
Tabitha Geary is founder and owner of OK, Picture This…, a memory organizing company located in Richmond, VA. OK, Picture This… takes your memorabilia from drawers and boxes and turns them into custom products for everyone to enjoy. Tabitha assists customers across the United States in organizing and archiving their memories.

Creating Scrapbooks

Question: I have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of scrapbooking materials but I can't find the time to do create an album. Any suggestions?

Answer: Let's face it, traditional scrapbooking isn't for everyone. For those who do not scrapbook with ease, they may find that they are better suited to use electronic scrapbooking to preserve their memories.

Software allows you to archive easily and there is no need for lots of supplies once you have everything scanned onto your PC. Another nice thing about using electronic photo albums is that you can create duplicates for other family members or for yourself if something were to happen to your original.

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