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Paul Mauchline is the founder and director of The Art of Loving Institute based in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, British West Indies. He is a researcher, writer and internationally known speaker specializing on the art of keeping love in your life. His Art of Loving™ workshop attracts couples and individuals from around the world.

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  • My husband isn't very romantic. Being a working mom with two kids I feel like I want to be swept off my feet. What can I do to convey this to him? Answer

  • I've been married 9 1/2 years, and have 2 kids. Around our 6th year I strayed and was with someone only one time. I told my husband about it not too long after it happened. Now 3 years later we are still trying to deal with it. But he's not opening up to me and I can't help him. I feel like he would like the marriage to be over but he can't come out and say it. Any suggestions??? Answer

  • I recently began traveling a great deal for business. The guys I travel with are married and I feel secure in my relationship with my husband but there seems to be an attraction brewing between myself and a co-worker. When I'm back home , the co-worker is out of my mind and things go back to normal but once I'm on the road again and our paths cross, I can feel the tension. What's going on? I 'd like to feel the same butterflies in my stomach over my husband rather than my co-worker. How do I get that back? Answer

  • I went to visit my daughter in December. When I returned 10 days later my life partner seemed different. Now I'm afraid I'll lose him to a nurse who works at the office where his father used to go. (He died the end of January) What can I do to save this relationship? I love this man! Answer