About Jorj Morgan

I realized when I began assembling my recipes for a cookbook that I had developed a unique philosophy about food. For me, cooking and entertaining is synonymous with sharing and growing. The socialness of food solidifies our everyday family life as well as opens the door to new relationships. Stirring and chopping is a tension reducer that decreases the stress of a full workday and invites shared experience with your family and friends. I discovered that you don't have to be cooking for guests to enjoy fussing over a midweek meal.

Now I want to share with you the simple fact that you can find time to cook at home the foods that you love to eat. All that you need is the desire to create a wonderful meal using fresh ingredients, a stocked pantry, a few kitchen gadgets and the knowledge of cooking terms. I want to encourage the everyday cook so that we do not become obsolete in today's hectic society. I totally believe that we can blend daily family meals into our vast number of activities like little league games, dancing lessons and business meetings. If we can schedule our lives using computer chips and pagers, we can utilize this same technology to incorporate menu planning into our schedule. We owe it to ourselves and to our families to find the time to enjoy cooking and pass down the rituals of our uniquely shared existence.

My recipes, cooking tips and entertainment style come from my personal experience. This knowledge is crafted from dining in wonderful restaurants, collecting articles from beautifully pictured magazines, deciphering grandma's hand written notes, watching television food chefs, thumbing through turned down pages of my most worn cookbooks and dozens of other influences. I have perfected these recipes and techniques over many years and share them in a way that will allow you to make them yours.

My expertise in the culinary field incorporates 25 years of entertaining including owning and cooking for my catering company. My most valuable profession, of over twenty-two years, is being a mom. Along the way there have been a few (laughable) mistakes, but delightfully, many more surprises and compliments. This wealth of experience, met with a light hearted and positive approach, has led to self-confidence in my ability to be creative in the kitchen and share that creativity with friends and family. My wish is that this column will give the reader the same confidence to enjoy cooking at home.

I want to hear from you! Email me with your cooking questions. My recipes and tips are meant to be your guidelines. I encourage you to experiment. Substitute an ingredient, add or subtract the quantities, change a sauce, serve the dish in an exciting presentation, or find a recipe shortcut. Have some fun and share your results with your fellow moms here at BlueSuitMom.com.