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Head's Up Comfort Pillow by Felicity Huffman

Designed to gently cradle your head and neck, simply drop pillow over the back of any high back chair and the non-slip backing keeps it securely in place. No more fussing with falling pillows.

  • Perfect for rocking or cradling baby
  • Supports your head and neck while baby relaxes
  • Patented design keeps pillow securely in place
A Letter from Felecity:

Dear Friends,
I have spent many a night sitting in a chair comforting my children and rocking them to sleep. But as soon as Iīd get comfortable my precious neck pillow would drop down behind my back. Trying to reach it would wake the baby and I was back at the starting line - except both of us were a little more tired and a little bit crankier!

Finally I got out the sewing machine Iīve had since 8th grade and designed a pillow that would support my neck, cradle my head from side to side and wouldnīt slide down!

I started sewing them for friends, who told their friends and suddenly "Headīs Up" was a hit.

My children arenīt babies anymore, but I still use these pillows everywhere. My husband has one in his office, and we even take them on planes. Youīll find that a "Headīs Up" pillow turns any room in the house into a comfort zone. I love these pillows and I hope you do too. Check out the pillows at

All the best,
Felicity Huffman

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