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From Breastfeeding to Bottle feeding

Question: I am a mother of a 8-month-old boy and I have been breast feeding since he was born. Now I need to return to work and he will not take a bottle, formula, we have even tried regular milk. He will not take expressed breast milk in a bottle, nothing works. please help Brandi

Answer: The saying about old habits being hard to break is true. Actually, this is a good habit. It will take time to switch from breast to bottle. For 8 months, your baby has received wonderful nutrition and bonding!

Has your son ever been away from you long enough to take a bottle from grandma or a sitter? Sometimes, baby will accept the bottle "not from Mom," especially if she is home.

Have you introduced a cup for drinking?

Until your baby is at least 1 year old, breast milk or formula should be fed. No cow milk until then. At this age, solid foods are becoming the main source of calories and nutrition. Less and less milk is needed, as growth is not as rapid compared to the first 6 months.

Back to the transition. La Leche League is an organization that has a very good support system for breast feeding mothers. They have lots of experience and common sense ideas that would be helpful in this case. All major cities have this group. They are also on the web.

As with most aspects of child rearing, confidence in yourself as a parent and consistency are very important. It can be done!

Dr. Betti

Dr. Betti

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