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Vaginal Discharge

Question: Can a clear, odorless vaginal discharge be normal for a 5 year old? The discharge cleared after a week of being heavy and without medicine. The Dr. took cultures and everything came back negative. Could this be hormonal at such a young age? Nicole

Answer: A vaginal discharge as you have described can be caused by hormonal stimulation, even at 5 years old. It is as you described....clear and odorless.

It may not happen again for months, however if it becomes excessive or is associated with other signs of puberty (hair growth, body odor or acne, etc.), let her pediatrician know.

Sometimes there are minor low grade infections due to irritants (bubble baths, tight clothing, allergy to perfumes in body washes) that will cause a discharge temporarily. Some medications can also cause temporary vaginal discharges.

Whether it is do to an external factor or internal(hormonal) factor, if you have any concerns at all, check with the pediatrician.

Dr. Betti

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