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Dr. Betti Hertzberg Ressler is a Board Certified Pediatrician on staff at Miami Children's Hospital. Dr. Hertzberg developed the toilet training video "Let's Go Potty." She is the co-author of "The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Children."

Insect Bites

Question: 10 year old daughter is incredibly prone to insect bites. Even when no one else is getting bitten, they seem to go for her! Over the counter insect repellant doesn't help. Any suggestions?

Answer: Insects are attracted to human bodies. Your daughter is one of the unlucky ones to attract these pests for reasons that are not clear. It may be that her scent is one that is preferred by certain insects. Other reasons include certain soaps and fragrances that combine with her natural scent causing the attraction.

Finding an insect repellent that works isn't difficult. There are numerous ones available.

An adult may not have a problem with the chemicals used in repellents, but children in general have more sensitive skin and therefore more prone to allergic reactions. After all, repellents are pesticides on a more dilute level.

You may want to browse the repellent shelf and read labels, especially when it comes to the side effects of the product. Many have children's sensitive skin in mind and will clearly say this on the label.

I don't know which products you have tried but bullfrog sensitive skin is excellent.

Avon makes a product called Skin So Soft. For some unknown reason, mosquitos and many flying insects don't like it. It is not an insecticide. It's great on the skin too!

Trial and error! Good luck!

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