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Dr. Betti Hertzberg Ressler is a Board Certified Pediatrician on staff at Miami Children's Hospital. Dr. Hertzberg developed the toilet training video "Let's Go Potty." She is the co-author of "The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Children."

Ringworm Treatment

Tina writes, " My grandson has a ringworm on his neck, and I read your other page that stated that some over the counter medications will work. Is it possible to get the name of them so I can try them."

Answer: Many of the medications that are available over the counter contain the same medication that are found in prescription antifungals.

Because anyone can buy them, they often are in a much weaker or diluted strength. Because of this, sometimes they don't work as well. But, sometimes they do! Always follow the directions for this and any medications.

Lotrimin 1% cream is the standard. It was previously available only by prescription. (It was double the strength.)

Any cream (there are many) that have similar ingredients would be acceptable and an alternative to Lotrimin 1%. Lotrimin is a brand name. Generic (non brands with same chemical base) are less expensive. They are all used for the treatment of ringworm.

If this doesn't work, you may have to check with the pediatrician. You may need something stronger, or your grandson may have something other than ringworm that needs an entirely different medication.

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