Money Saving Advice
There's more than one way to get most for your money. For more than 20 years, Gary Foreman has worked to manage money effectively. He's been a Certified Financial Planner and Purchasing Manager. He currently edits The Dollar Stretcher Web site and several newsletters. His mission is to help people "Live Better for Less."

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Saving Money on Household Items

  • Save money with proper water heater maintenance
  • Cheap entertainment
  • Is it better to lease or buy a car?
  • Estimating home repairs
  • Summer cooling
  • Air conditioners
  • Space heaters

    Money and Kids

  • Save money on childcare, medical bills with flexible spending accounts
  • Helping teens find a summer job
  • Using savings bonds to pay for college
  • Dealing with the cost of weddings
  • Teaching your teen about credit cards

  • Getting out of PMI
  • Shorten mortgage length
  • Buying property with no money down

    Retirement Savings

  • Reducing investment costs
  • Mutual fund expenses
  • Finding a financial advisor
  • The basics of a 401K
  • My 401k is shrinking!


  • Getting out of credit card debt
  • How can my son establish credit?
  • Correcting your credit report
  • Getting out of auto lease
  • Pay off debt or save money?
  • Teaching your teen about credit cards
  • Teaching your teen about credit cards


  • Surviving layoffs
  • Vacation expenses
  • Summer budgeting
  • Pay off debt or save money?
  • Control your spending
  • Correcting your credit report
  • Which debt should I pay off first
  • Coping with a job lay off
  • Getting out of auto lease
  • Marriage and credit