Save money by buying in bulk

Bulk shopping for food and home products may save you up to 40 percent according to a recent study conducted by the San Francisco Recycling Program.

By purchasing in bulk you help the environment as well. Bulk size goods reduce the amount of packaging that is sent to the landfill.

The study also reports that cheese, rice, canned foods, detergent and shampoo are the most popular bulk items.

The most dramatic price savings were found in sugar and popcorn. These items are about 82 percent cheaper by bulk. Coffee is 80 percent cheaper and rice is about 72 percent less expensive.

Joining a wholesale club can help you find good prices on bulk items. But make sure you only buy the items you know you can use. Saving money on a 5 lb. block of cheese does no good if the cheese gets moldy before you eat it.

Membership costs to join a wholesale club start around $35 annually.

Wholesale Clubs:
Sam's Club
BJ's Wholesale Club

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