BlueSuitMom's Top Personal Finance Books

Working women are increasingly seeking ways to become financially independent. A combination of investment knowledge and modification of spending habits can help meet this goal. Here are some books that might be helpful:

cover Smart Women Finish Rich
By David Bach
Broadway Books, 1999
This book features a seven-step approach to creating wealth and achieving financial independence. Bach addresses tax strategies, wills, insurance, retirement plans, and investments all in an easy to understand format. Buy it now for $10.40

cover 10 Smart Money Moves For Women
By Dr. Judith Briles
Contemporary Books, 1999
How to confront money woes and have fun with investing. Buy at Amazon for $11.96

cover Nine steps to Financial Freedom
By Suze Orman
Crown Pub, 1997
Orman's approach to financial success revolves around a few simple steps -- confronting our beliefs and fears, learning the nuts and bolts of savvy management, and finding the spiritual trust that leads to abundance. This is a great book for understanding how to overcome financial worries. On sale for $18.40

cover A Girl Needs Cash: How to Take Charge of Your Financial Life
By Joan Perry
Times Books, 1997
Provides investment strategies and information on how to get spending habits under control. Buy now for $10.40