Traveling with Tots

cover Fodor has long been a great source of travel information. Now they are going where few others have traveled with a series of four books dedicated to traveling with children.

Around Chicago with Kids, Around Washington DC with Kids, Around Los Angeles with Kids, Around New York with Kids, and Around San Francisco with Kids offer fun destinations and family-friendly restaurants with parents' sensibilities in mind.

Each book describes 68 great things for parents and children to do together in each city. The book includes all the information needed to plan an event: address, phone numbers, prices and age guidelines.

These books also have "Kid-Friendly Eats" that recommend two or three places to grab a bite to eat nearby.

For under $10 these books are a true bargain.

Buy these books at Amazon for $8 each:
Fodor's Around New York City With Kids
Fodor's Around Chicago With Kids
Fodor's Around Los Angeles With Kids
Fodor's Around San Francisco With Kids