Traveling with an infant

When taking a trip with baby there are special considerations to remember. Follow our advice for a smooth ride.

Sucking is Essential
If traveling by plane, remember to pack something for your baby to suck on during take-off and landing. The sucking motion will help his/her ears. This might be a pacifier (even if he normally doesn't use one), or you can nurse your baby or give her a bottle.

Expect Delays
Whether traveling by car or plane be sure to pack extra finger foods and bottles. Single serving cereal packets are great for pulling out of your bag. You might even find that the unopened package makes a great toy too.

Your Best Friend: A bottle of water
Not only does a bottle of water help with plane dehydration, but it's great to have on hand for spills, dirty faces and messy hands. In extreme cases of child boredom you can drop shiny dimes into the bottle, tighten the lid and children will entertain themselves shaking the bottle and watching the coins inside.

Pack extras
Don't forget to pack plenty of diapers and a change of clothes for baby (and even for you if you can fit them into your carry-on!) You just never know when a baby's going to have an extra messy diaper or meal.

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