Travel tips

It's summertime. The time when many moms will hit the road with their children. We all have our little survival techniques for taking a little stress out of our travels. How about sharing your tips with other moms?

Tips submitted by BlueSuitMoms

  • The best item when traveling to always have on hand is a beach towel. It can double as a pillow or blanket, is handy for spills or a spontaneous dip into a public fountain. It will serve you well as a curtain if you must change clothes in the car.
    - Rachel M.

  • Keep a bottle of water in your purse or carry on bag. Not only will it help fight dehydration but it can be used for washing dirty pacifiers, cleaning up spills or for filling with half drunk soda later after the water is gone.
    - Maria B.

  • Visit your local dollar store before a trip. You can pick up a fresh pack of crayons, new coloring book, jacks, playing cards and some gum for all under $5.
    - Paula S.

  • Using small snack-size zip-loc bags, make up travel size packages of your child's favorite treats. The small portion will be perfect for in between stops or lay-overs.
    - Margaret B.