Cell Phone Safety

According to the New England Journal of Medicine Motorists are are four times more likely to crash when they are using cell phones.

Here are some wireless phone safety tips from the Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association:

• Get to know your wireless phone and it's features such as speed dial and redial.

• Use a hands-free device.

• Position your wireless phone within easy reach, where you can grab it without removing your eyes from the road.

• Suspend conversations during hazardous driving conditions or situations.

• Do not take notes or look up phone numbers while driving.

• Dial sensibly and assess the traffic; if possible, place calls when you are not moving. Plan your calls before you begin your trip.

• Do not engage in stressful or emotional conversations - They are distracting and even dangerous when you are behind the wheel of the a car.

• Use your wireless phone to call for help.

• Use your wireless phone to help others in emergencies.