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How to Catch and Hold on to Your Dream
What do you wish to become when you grow up? What's your life long-passion, an ever-present yearning for you to fulfill? Many of us have such dreams and lifelong desires but find that time is slipping by and our dreams are ever allusive. Here is the secret!

8 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Motherhood
No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, you have probably wished at some point that someone had been around to tell you all the things you had to learn the hard way. You've probably read parenting books, which can be helpful, but no book covers all the bases. What advice do you wish someone had shared with you once you became a mother? Read on ...

Mommy Likes Me Best! 6 Ways to Avoid the Favoritism Trap
Children are keenly sensitive to their parent's actions and attitudes in developing their own sense of self. We must guard against anything that would result in our children developing feelings of being "less than" or "less loved" or "or less worthy" than their siblings. Yet, we unwittingly do just that in several ways that many of us are completely unaware of. It's always easier to see when OTHER people are favoring a child, but its much harder to notice it in our own families. Check our list to make sure you're not accidentally leaving one child feeling they are second fiddle in your family.

Excerpt from Body Back: A Mother's Guide to Physical, Medical, and Emotional Well-Being
In recent years we have been told we can have it all—demanding, satisfying jobs and a contented family life. But there are waves of backlash against working moms, and that is not fair. If you are leaving the children and going to work, it means you either have to or you want to for your own career, or even sanity. These reasons are more than enough justification. Juggling a demanding home life alongside a career can be extremely challenging, but when has a woman's role not been a juggle? Read on ...

Seven Tips for a Successful School Year
September is here and the new school year has started. Many families find this exciting, while others dread it in anticipation of homework, early mornings, and school stress. But all parents want their children to have a successful school year. Here are seven tips to help every child reach that goal.

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