Case History: Personal Power

By Sherry Maysonave, author of Casual Power

Small shoulder pads are
important for women

Long sleeves are a must to
communicate maximum power

Simple, expensive-looking
jewelry (metal watches only)

Jackets and sport coats always add
distinction and power, and they must
be of quality fabric and a superb fit.

Black and navy are the best power neutral
colors. Dark, rich shades of green, red, brown
and taupe also project a sense of power.

Harmonious color schemes — tone-on-tone,
monochromatic dressing or coordinated separates

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Excerpted with permission from Casual Power: How to Power Up Your Nonverbal Communication & Dress Down for Success by Sherry Maysonave.

Copyright 1999 and 2000 Sherry Maysonave
Empowerment Enterprises. All Rights Reserved