Guide to Child Care
With more women working outside the home than ever before, child care has become one of the most taxing questions facing today's families. From au pairs to day cares, neighbors to pre-school, the choices are often overwhelming for parents already coping with career, financial and marital pressures. Find out what type of care you need.

Talk about it Mommy, I'm sick
Nanny suddenly quit? Vent with other moms on the message boards Your child has a fever, daycare won't care for her. What can you do?

  Finding a Nanny
Making sure you hire the right nanny for your family can be time-consuming, but worthwhile. Use this nanny search checklist to keep yourself organized. Or get suggestions for finding a baby sitter.

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  Come Back Soon
We know that Child Care is one of the most important elements of balance for working mothers. is presently working on delivering you a database of child care providers and options.