Creating fun in the kitchen

The kitchen is a great place for children to learn. It also presents working mothers with an opportunity to spend quality time with their children.

Cooking allows children of all ages to take part in an important family task. It presents younger children with the chance to pitch in and it demands your teenagers to participate in a family activity. Allow children to select one meal a month and help you prepare it or for teens give them a night to cook even if it's scrambled eggs and toast.

Stirring up an instant cake mix? It's the perfect time for your elementary student to practice fractions. Preschoolers will benefit from counting the eggs or the number of onions you put into the beef stew.

But mealtime can also be the most hectic time of the day. Even the best intentions can go by the wayside when havoc hits.

Here are some thoughts to consider before beginning your kitchen folly:

1) Select a cooking time when you can take a little longer in your preparation than usual.

2) Select a cooking time when you don't mind spills. You won't want to have family cooking night right after you've had the floors mopped.

3) Find a task that fits the age of your child. Preschoolers need projects that are completed in short amount of time.

4) Pick a time and day when your child hasn't already had a full day of activities.

5) Laugh and be silly when you can. Ever dabbed flour on a child's nose? You'll surprise your child and yourself as well.

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