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Brunch Drinks

Q: Mamie G. writes, "I am a huge fan of your new website. Do you have any suggestions for tasty morning alcoholic beverages? We are interested in making Bloody Marys or Mimosas, but I'm open to any ideas you may have."

A: Bloody Marys and Mimosas will definitely fill the bill for a brunch event. When serving Bloody Marys don't forget the appealing accompaniments of crisp celery stalks, spicy hot sauce and freshly ground pepper. A nice twist on a Mimosa is the addition of fresh strawberries or raspberries. Here are a few other beverage suggestions that may sound appealing.

  • A quick search of our recipe database produces two great blender drinks. Frosty Sours is a combination of bourbon, lemonade, orange juice and powdered sugar. This could definitely be an eye opener! You will also find a recipe for a sweet blender drink Strawberry Daiquiris. Margaritas are a terrific blender cocktail. My recipe combines cup tequila, 2 to 3 tablespoons triple sec, 1 can of frozen limeade and about can of Sprite. Fill the blender with these ingredients and add ice. Pulse for a frothy, tangy, fun drink. Run a lime wedge around the rim of a Margarita glass and dip it into a bowl of course salt. Garnish with a pinwheel of lime.

  • It's racing season, so why not consider Mint Juleps? Fancy hats are not necessary to enjoy this great southern tradition. In advance of your party, prepare simple syrup by combining 1 part sugar to 2 parts water. Warm over medium heat for 10 minutes. Add a few fresh mint leaves and heat again for 30 minutes. Strain out the mint and chill until you are ready to serve. Pour a small amount of the syrup in the bottom of a tall glass. Fill the glass with ice and pour bourbon over the top of the cubes. Add fresh mint sprigs and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

  • For a tropical flare, try a Mojito made exactly as above with the exception of substituting rum for bourbon and adding a squeeze of lime and a splash of soda water. Sugar cane is the classic garnish for this cocktail. Speaking of cocktails, don't forget the simple stuff like a Strawberry Cocktail made with gin, fresh strawberries, simple syrup and crushed ice.

  • You may want to try your hand at a Fruit Colada, made with your favorite fruit, coconut milk and dark rum garnished with toasted coconut. Or, you can create your own batch of Breakfast Martinis by adding fruit juice and a drop of fruit flavored liquor to gin or vodka.

  • Last but not least, don't rule out the easily made bowl of Punch. My favorite is Sangria made with white wine, brandy, triple sec, simple syrup and a combination of citrus fruit such as orange, lemon and lime pinwheels. Whatever you chose, serve it with a flare in terrific glasses with festive cocktail napkins.

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