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Debbi Telli is a certified dermatician, a state licensed aesthetician, and an accomlished make-up artist and a member of the National Cosmetic Tattooing Association and the Florida Medical Esthetic Association. She also runs

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  • I was just curious about doing some waxing on my upper lip. Are there any cons of waxing that I should know about before I do it? Debbi's Answer

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  • I am 33 years old and my skin is constantly breaking out into zits. What could the problem be? I wash my face in basis soap and use oil of olay body wash. My doctor has me taking the drug minocycline but it doesnt seem to be helping. help! Debbi's Answer

  • Two weeks prior my monthly menstrual cycle I break out horribly and it takes my face two weeks to recover. I've been to a dermatologist and meds have been prescribed but not seem to help. Any suggestions? Debbi's Answer