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Question: My two year old daughter has just recently been diagnosed with scarlet fever and impetigo the doctor put her on a type of penicillin along with the fucidin for the impetigo will all this medication be harmful for her? - Robin

Answer: Dear Robin,
Scarlet fever is a specific rash that occurs in combination with a strep infection, usually a sore throat. It can also occur following a skin infection called impetigo.

Your daughter is on Penicillin, the antibiotic of choice for this infection. I'm not sure what other medication she is taking for the impetigo. The name that you listed does not sound familiar. Perhaps it is a generic form of antibiotic cream. This would be appropriate treatment for the impetigo skin infection. Soap and water cleaning of the skin prior to placing the antibiotic cream is very important. This will help in preventing complications and the spread of infection. It is very important that you finish all the medicine that has been prescribed.

Your concern about the medication is valid. All medications should be taken seriously, however the risk of not treating either the scarlet fever or impetigo can be very serious. Rheumatic fever, a serious disease that affects the heart and kidneys can be a complication of not treating scarlet fever. Cellulitis, a serious skin infection is another complication that occurs if the impetigo is not treated.

Treatment is important. Talk to your daughter's pediatrician about any concern you might have.

Dr. Betti

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