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Dr. Betti Hertzberg Ressler is a Board Certified Pediatrician on staff at Miami Children's Hospital. Dr. Hertzberg developed the toilet training video "Let's Go Potty." She is the co-author of "The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Children."

Potty Training Regression

Question:My son went from being fully potty trained to having bowel movements in his pants. He just turned 4 in NOV. I need HELP! I have tried everything I even talked to his pediatrician. I must tell you that I have 10 mon twins and this problem has been going on for a year. We have just sat potty, punished, rewarded. And he still will not go! - MW

Answer: Reward and punishment. It seems that neither is apparently working at this point.

When I hear that potty training was achieved and then regressed, I always ask "what happened?" Your son was the center of attention until the birth of the twins. He was also potty trained prior to the birth of your twins. Did your son begin nursery school at the same time?

The birth(s) of a new sibling is a joyful experience, but definitely competition for a child that has been the center of attention. Having one child to take care of is a good amount of work. Having to continue the one on one attention of your four year old at the same time caring for twins can be a source of frustration. For both you and your son. Accidents are part of the learning process, as well as attention seeking behavior. The result..........your son has got your attention!

It may take persistence and much dedication to your "big boy." Allow special time for him.

Pressuring a child to learn (or relearn) will only delay the process. Be patient, and remember that the underlying reasons for his actions are normal. He needs to feel important! In time, he will be trained.

Dr. Betti

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