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Dr. Betti Hertzberg Ressler is a Board Certified Pediatrician on staff at Miami Children's Hospital. Dr. Hertzberg developed the toilet training video "Let's Go Potty." She is the co-author of "The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies for Children."

Rash from Strep Throat

Question: My daughter has strep throat with a severe rash. Her doctor recommended cortizone cream for itching but it does nothing. Is there anything else I can use to relieve the irritation? She is 5 yrs. old and alot of the rash is in the vaginal area. Rachel

Answer: Your daughter's immune system has responded with a typical rash that occurs in some cases of strep throat. This rash is called SCARLETINA.

Even after being treated with the appropriate antibiotics, this sometimes uncomfortable rash can cause moderate to just plain uncomfortable itching. It may be days before it fades completely.

In most cases (of illness associated with rashes), once a rash has made its debut, the illness is on its way out. There are exceptions as in the case of allergic reactions and more serious illness.

As with any itchy rash, the goal is to control the urge to scratch. Start with the nails....keep them nice and short!

An oatmeal bath (Aveeno) is very good because it soothes skin and relieves itching. Avoid overheating which can also increase itching.

If these measures don't seem to relieve her symptoms, there are over the counter medications that may be used. Benedryl is an antihistamine which can be used. to control itching. Remember that any medication can have side effects, so read the labels carefully.

Contact your daughter's pediatrician if her symptoms do not improve. Remember to have her drink plenty of liquids, allowing her kidneys to filter blood and help her recover faster.

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