Managing Morning Sickness
You have a big meeting this morning but a feeling a nausea has taken over your body. How do you mix a career and morning sickness during pregnancy? Gaining an understanding of the condition and trying these tips will help.

Prenatal Care Help From Your Employer
Now that you're pregnant, you'll be visiting your doctor quite often and undergoing many tests. Here's what your visits will entail. Work/life coach Sandi Epstein shares her advice for getting the support you need from your employer.
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  The Art of Eating for Two
From conception to birth (and for the months following birth, if you breastfeed), your baby is totally dependent on you for all of the essential nutritional building blocks he needs for the growth and development of every cell, tissue, organ, and system in his body. Never before and never again will every bite you take count so much. So even though eating is a serious matter when you're pregnant, the good news is that following a healthful diet is easy.
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