Mind Over Money: Your Path to Wealth and Happiness
When it comes to managing your finances, it can be all too easy to make missteps and blunders. Taking the wrong advice, failing to do your homework, and racking up high interest credit card debt could all lead to financial catastrophe. However, if you make a point to learn from the unfortunate financial mistakes of others, you can avoid a lot of pain and suffering in the long run. Here, Eric Tyson offers 14 common slip-ups that you should avoid in order to ensure your future financial security.

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Career Coach Kathleen Wells will show you how to unlock the chest to greater compensation.

  How Much Is Enough?
Have you ever asked yourself, "How much money do I need to be happy?" Your relationship with money affects how you view success and impacts your daily life. Yet according to author Pamela York Klainer, we never take the time to "psychoanalyze our wallets." In Klainer's book, How Much is Enough? Harness the Power of Your Money Story and Change Your Life, she offers practical advice for uncovering how money impacts your life. Read an excerpt of How Much Is Enough?

  Making Money and Marriage Work
Working mother
It's no surprise to most couples that money is the number one item that causes friction in a relationship. It could be because your spouse is the type of person to spend frivolously and refuses to balance a checkbook while you track every penny, or that you both aren't committed to the same financial goals. CPA Lyn Millner explains how to overcome your different financial styles and make money work in your marriage.

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