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Sandi Esptein coaches clients on home life and work. She also coaches on business issues and has over 15 years experience in marketing and business management with an MBA from Columbia University.

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Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed in your daily task of finding balance? BlueSuitMom's experts can help guide you in the right direction. Ask Work/Life Coach Natalie Gahrmann all your work and family balance questions.

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Joann writes, "Recently I have been asked to attend meetings and work-related social functions in the evening. I would like to limit the number of these functions I attend, because on these days I leave for work before my daughter wakes up and return home after she is in bed for the evening. How should I approach this with my boss?" Sandi's advice

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  •   Work/Life Coaching
    Sandi can help:

    • Define your work and/or life strategies and objectives
    • Create the weekly perspective to exceed expectations on achieving your goals
    • Manage your employees, managers and projects better
    • Know what is important and get it in your life
    • Increase your life choices and encourage them to come to you
    • Become a force - experience greater energy and inspire others
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