Ask the Cook

Jorj Morgan is the Director of Lifestyle Content for Her expertise in the culinary field incorporates 25 years of entertaining as well as owning a successful catering company. She is in the process of publishing her first cookbook, "At Home In The Kitchen" due in Spring 2001.

Easy Appetizers

Q: I need to take an appetizer to my boss's home for an office get together. I'm the only woman in our department and I know that the other women attending, all stay at home wives of my colleagues, will prepare something appealing to the eyes as well as the palate.

A: If you want to impress you can overnight a two-ounce tin of Beluga caviar from Dean and Delucca for about $125. However, your boss may think he's paying you too much!! I suggest you go with a simple, yet eye-appealing dish that will show that you have great taste as well as sensibility.

Roasted Eggplant Dip
Often considered "the poor man's caviar" because of its chunky appearance, this dish is easily made the night before and can be served from a crystal bowl as well as a ceramic crock.

Simply Chutney
An often forgotten condiment, good chutney can be purchased in your neighborhood grocery store. Serve it over a soft cheese, like Brie or a spreadable cheddar. Surround the platter with crackers and slices of apple.

Chilled Seafood
Budget permitting, purchase already prepared seafood such as shrimp or stone crabs. Arrange on a beautiful platter or shallow bowl filled with crushed ice. Add your signature dipping sauce and a few twists of lemon and lime for garnish.

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