BlueSuitMom's Working Mom Must-Haves
For Preschoolers and Young Children

Readeez DVD
Instilling a love to read early on will help your children for a lifetime. Now there is another tool you can use to stimulate your little ones. Readeez is a new DVD that combines music, cartoons and on-screen wording to help teach children to read. Readeez features short cartoon videos that display the words one by one as they are spoken. These aren't small subtitles - the words are the star of the show. These aren't loud, obnoxious fast-moving cartoons but simple drawings with fun dialogue, clever riddles and catchy songs like "How 'bout that Cow." The topic of each short Readee ranges from shapes to animals to the weather. Readeez wasn't developed in a big production studio, but thought up by a piano-playing, song-writing dad from Atlanta. We think Readeez is a Must Have product for any household that is teaching a child to read. Click here to watch a few samples on the Readeez website.

Prima Princessa DVD
Most little girls we know love to pretend to be ballerinas and the Prima Princessa DVD will entertain your little ballerina while getting her dancing with a few basic ballet moves. The DVD showcases a real ballet performance of Swan Lake while an animated fairy ballerina tells the story of Swan Lake. In between each Act the children are shown how to preform ballet moves like the pirouette. Learn more at

Lincoln Logs Happy Valley Farm
Lincoln logs are the quintessential classic children's toy providing hours of fun for children since 1916. This toy encourages creativity and basic problem solving as your child has to determine which size pieces go together to create a barn or fort. We like that the Happy Valley Farms have real wood logs just like the originals. This 211-piece set also has plastic farmers, a cow and accessories like windows and roofs. Ages 3 and up. Available at BJ's Wholesale Club and for under $30.

Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary Doll
The Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary Dolls are just like the original classics that you probably remember from your childhood. The dolls come with a birth certificate and official adoption papers. Once you register the doll on the Cabbage Patch website you can even change the name and then print out a new birth certificate and adoption papers.

Available at BJ's Wholesale Club as well as other retailers.

Boca Beth
Research has shown that the optimum time to introduce a child to a second language is well before their 6th birthday. In Boca Beth My House DVD a bird hand puppet takes viewers on a bilingual tour of the home, identifying objects like a rubber ducky and bathtub in both English and Spanish. More than 100 words are spoken in both English and Spanish and displayed on screen. The hand puppet can be used to further engage the child by having them play with the puppet and "talk back" to Boca on screen. The Boca Beth product line also includes a music CD called "My First Songs in Spanish" which contains songs sung in both English and Spanish. While these products aren't going to teach your child to be fluent in Spanish, they do start setting the path to learning a second language.
Boca Beth Products available through BlueSuitMom:

  • Olive Kids Personalized Placemats
    Kids are notorious for being messy. The Olive Kids Placemats are a great product to protect your dining room table. They are made from a heavy-duty laminate and they are easy to clean. We like that they come in many different themes including holiday designs, sports designs, spaceships, zoo ... you name it they have probably have it. Placemats cost $9.99 and are available at

    Mo Smells Red: A Scentsational Journey
    This is a cute children's book about a dog named Mo and what he smells. What makes this book so unique is that there are scents to go along with the story. This isn't scratch-n-sniff it is a "press-to-smell" technology where you press a part of the page and the scent is released. The scent is supposed to last for 100s of sniffs. During the book you get to smell strawberries, roses and more. A percentage of the book proceeds will benefit Best Friends Animal Society. Mo Smells Red is available at bookstores nationwide. Visit

    Small World Toys

    If you are looking for high-quality toys that focus on early learning, imagination and active play (not video games), check out Small World Toys. Small World Toys carries toys like IQ Preschool, Nuerosmith and Eric Carle (of The Very Hungry Caterpillar fame). There has been recent new of stores carrying unsafe toys, but not here. All of the Small World Toys catalog passes the new 2009 CSPC safety standards and they stand behind all of our products. They are offering a discount to BlueSuitMom readers through Dec. 15, 2008.

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