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Natalie Gahrmann is a success coach and owner of N-R-G Coaching Associates, a private coaching company that specializes in helping working parents achieve mastery of work and life. Her clients experience more clarity, direction and alignment while reducing stress in their busy lives.

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Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed in your daily task of finding balance? Natalie can help guide you in the right direction. Ask her all your work and family balance questions.

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Lyn writes, "I'm in senior management at a fortune 500 company and have just been offered a promotion. However, I have two young children and the new position would require considerably more travel and I'm not sure I want to spend that much time away from my family. How can I turn down the promotion without ruining my changes for promotions within the company later?" Natalie's answer

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  • Evaluating career/education path
  • When to tell about pregnancy
  • Exhaustion
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    Natalie Gahrmann is a success coach and owner of N-R-G Coaching Associates, a private coaching company that specializes in helping working parents achieve mastery of work and life. She works mainly with career-committed professionals, business owners and corporate leaders and executives who want to create more balance, fulfillment and success.

    Natalie brings her life experiences as a self-employed working mom, formerly employed in the corporate world at a major telecommunications company. Her professional background includes Retail Management, High School Business Teaching, Human Resources, Training & Development, and most recently, sole proprietorship. She is a graduate of Coach U, an active member of the International Coach Federation, Alliance of Work/Life Professionals, Central Jersey Women's Network and an Executive Board Member and Past President of the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association. She holds an MA degree in Administration & Supervision, a BS in Marketing Education, and an AAS in Retail Management & Merchandising. She is committed to work with her clients to help them take actions toward creating the life they truly desire.

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    If you're interested in work/life coaching, you can reach Natalie at (908) 281-7098 or via email